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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 25, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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,ha tt'sic ne.>> en stephph, steen,te sphen! he stepphn, steen, senteph! ph>> steen: tnkhas,bo everydy!he (cd ers anseapplau) te>> senphk: thanu yoverymu ch. ewelcomo the t snhow, i he,erou tre the, all over. ini'm gochg to ooose tel bieveat than you w ated toudppla for a meend wer not justht figinge th frosttd bie. om welchee to t late show. m i'te sphen cbeolrt.ev oderyby?y oka ybevereeody fllling aht rig? er (ched s anseapplau ). ph>> steuen: yoge guys tug throh itka oy?st arayed wwhm the imole te. on >> jli: feengd. goo>> en stepht : counyour fingers oeand ts, they c souldnapff oli ke am grahack craer. a what indincreble wndeeke. youw, kno atl litean dk gerousa flittle kun,ind ofit excing, nt witoer srm jonas sedlamm the st ea, coastsomes placep got u hr to tt ee feeof snow, mor tehan12 li,000 fghts werean cedcell so t forheir a ilines,t wassi busness aal usu. te(laughr)
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te >> sphen: aniff'sot g tosa fty, aer aea rlly warm ce de, mberasthis win kd of a ef reliu, yow, kno climateha cnge no has t ended wteinr,t ius jtpa hecked t d wholehiamn tng into one wndeeke. w neor yky citgot 286.n ichesf o ow wheout cnuonties, treuscherro, l itdookee lik it was snowingp ufo re awhil.(l r)aughteit ea was rxclly eiting. as it win the kfd oer weath thatke ma fs youeel likae childag aain ondnly fheor tac ftt thaju ost t getow den tht streeyou d ha toal wkek li this.yo ou kindf had to--au (lghter). >>n: joea yh!(c anheers d ae)pplaus.>> en stephut: b i was fullyep prorared f thest wor. ekall weend i o putny m top tc nonth wierr, geaaj erey wele pnty wooaterprfed e becausnoi did e t leavtheus
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d i di ugetply earsu on nday to omdo se snghoveli ofca pankesto in myou mth.(l r)aughtean id thisers int iestk, don'tkn yoow if u do this,ou y do theli eattle h ort app ynourne pho t toyoell wu ho much you moved r fo alike dayve, i haee bnus thing at lan tely omyho pne. it ts racktheum nber ofte spsyo iu taken a day.u yoare sdupposeo t get th somekeing li0 10,00 in aay d. i' and msu uallyre ptty. closere heda's friy,ka oy,t almos9, ot000, n bad. 'sherea sturday, 20. te(laughr)(a e)pplaus 20 steps. ma the ckth cheuted o. b myed is 10 steps from myco uch. au(lr)ghtebu ert th ae were few brave soulsfa tcinglehe ementshi tsee wkend n likeseew jervey gondrnor apr enesidantial c cdidatehris e. yisi ntwho we own't kn t why ihats funnyt. ye gh(lauter) ev but yidentls he' sjusto ll joy.d
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e so hwent out, he wentot out p theeeoplf onewy jerse and heay stered las f oocusedndr ad pessings eople'erconcnedou abst thi snotow srm.>> es it doa mhetter wouther y t havehesi sentytivio t kwno howpe eaople rthct to ffis d toak me theml fee sfeand a re secuha and tht is witether is an imp sendingrtorm ohe t e scourgofic radalic islam stjihadier t.rorism gh (lau.ter) ph>> stem en: i' wsorry,hat?at whpe hapned?d di i j bustlack outhe somewre he in te middlre h n, witthall atce ie on th road ian cel't b hieveule cod hamake tart shpf o a tnurro fmsn ow andri terro wsm, ioinuld sp out. s (cheerand auspplae) i'm jacg!knifini' mac jg!knifin :>> jon boom.>> ph ste ten:heck train comgar ,oundin knock dgownmp laposts. i soe hopbo everydy sdtaye safet ou e causinaccordovg to gernorri chhestie t a roadsyre vercy i,so
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(lghter) now--pp (a.lause) >> jonit: 's so raret tha isis agetslappuse. te(laughr) ngspeakidd of suen s changeof ecsubjvet, we' got a g sreathow ufor yoht tonig, lanadies d megentlen.(c anheers d ae)pplaus. >>on j:t. thear te >> sfiphen: irst up sit wn do f withormerec sryreta ofde dofense nald rum dsfeld,donalru ldmsfe. (ae)laushe ot has g a new smae rtphonapp that isab avail tle athepp ast ore. i thissr tue.en evu if yo't can find it, kpeese g.archinal il thegentelli snceays thep ap i isnhe treom sreewhe. seplaws(a uspplae) -- thenfu it's sn, it'y ver en andn the i'll w startith nba surperstall russe wroestbok.(c anheers d aaupplse).
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gintuardor f o theaklahom ty cind thuererhi wch'm itt prey i sureo s alsavo flar of un mouetain iwd saieelast w mk ourlusicaes gu gt was toingo beon dald fe rums ld.s i wahighn oob re y-tuesdaro- ssbituolin, apogize. t ituturns ove we ha the nd lege jaryonackswn broe t.tonigh er (ches and alappuse)he will p herformis sonheg tlo ayng wro aund, a rn'ockill bautad aboan a mho woe ds notas k forir ds.ection d, an ah, tt,hay mri fends, is c musingcomi u tosou cyrtes of n joti ba astend stayhu man. hi say , edyverybo. er(ches and asepplau)th reey a about to prime the jazz , pumpfbut bethore eyo, d one tmore ahing, com imunityn san
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ocat a lal btuddhise templ isto o noisy. ites mak jugi ima tnendhe sou of allth neose o hands cinlappg. ig>> tonht,en stephel wcomesdo nald ldrumsfe.nb a star rllussees w.tbrook d ana musicalrm perfo bancey ja nckso browne. ur featoning j batiste andta sy n. humad antsnow ie' timor fhe t late
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er (cheaps and )plause>> en steph,en steph,ep sthen!st sephen,,tephen s!tephen s >>: tephen ythank mou souch,pl .easesi ,t downry evebody. k thanyou souc mh. sthis i nice. s (cheerpland apause). s >>:tephen, heyyoare u all teexcid forhe t b superowl y?et(c anheers aud applse).>> ph steen: i am,t i is thegg bimeest ga in's menoo fl.tbal ands thi time it isrs peoronal fme se becau dtlirecry afte the gamen obosuper wl sundayig nht sti'm ho ling aivee lat showfr e om herin the ed sanullivan mve ca. 'sso leto go t ouecr pragovere m ofy stpoer supow bl ec splatacur,hi ts is. >> toahe rd tohe tu srspehow, uncotdtoown theea ldupo tthepo
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slatehow lixee v. >> ste iphen:t's called lix vee, pbeartly tcausehosere ath ome ranm neues ral for our87 w,th shoh whic it is. stbut moauly becyose if u p-ut- er (cheaps and ).plause>> en stephan: thk you. au applording f 87, ofe, coursth ais is primebe numr. lpeoplerove peimbe numrs. w sol e calit lixee vec bauseth sat i thero manm neulraor f our 8h7t show,ut bo als bus us becapue you out engh buffalosa uce on i it,il wckl li yt an.hingw no didl y'althcatch e gamesye y?sterda in the afc chshampion iipst wa e thos broncea bheting t new an englrid patots 2.0-18 he (caners d ae)pplaus a tou,gh tough day for tom y.brad h seenerein tryg-- to ino kw, i
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yoadfeel b for him.en setr here oying the cerp uy bel few ing housfabuloon his be urstructe is. m ohyod g, i'm soom handse toin bld thd in efc nha cnsmpiohip, the licaroanna p dthersid to theiz aronaar clsdina whatan pthers t doo y withhe tm atl lite then ripth adeir hesff firel sco was9- 415.m can newto wasrl neayla fwless e whiloncarspa lmer seemedo tst wrugglemeith soe of ther fin opointsotf fo balllikeow thring ba the hll to oiswnat teammes.ha rd. job i'm suret' irds a ha myat congrioulatns to both p thesanther andhe t b.roncosbe an sure tdeunn irsupel bowsu nnday tight to seehem go atit
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ry veal speci live late showgh rirt afte the game. y, jimm put up the cwnountdo k,cloc07 3 hoursnt uilff kicko,ar stt namaritingou yr ribs now. s (cheerandp a)plausesp ngeaki ofio vlent ct,onflicth e01 26ct ally?al rely?is th manypl peoe s?tillth ey'reav heving-- y,erybod t don'imwake hp. u shh. lrit's aheeady tt lasweek of ar januicy wh mheanse w're justve sen day ys awafromhe t iowauc caus. t it'sechat speaial ssonhe wn we enpretd tono k aw whatau ccusis .ev ugen thoreh we' so, closethep go stilln' hast rllaied aroundon edi canthdate, e twofr neontrunuzrs, cr and tofrump, co arurse, e known by their
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au (lr)ghte la(appuse) ke i li runald ttimp sllol hds amm co landinginead io natnalpo solls the gop elistabntshme inis ling upeh bindo him t push him inro fnt of a. train te(laugh r) eelast wthk and tis is lrue,ast ek weon catserviveur joenal th onnatieval rcaiew utme oit wh anti enre issue against t.rump f it'silledh wit aumnti-trp ys essa byse conesrvativ across theit polical sm,pectru bill to krishal, miceled mved, erikic erthkson, e dreowagerrun cod tess,elymonopo, guyba y sicallfall ose theuy gs areyi sang go to hl,elo d nots pas go, doot n cotllec $200.d ans here' ae, tapnd as this i icrepublepans, rnsublica . s here ista tafe oom se ofhe t a gopkttacn otheop g on frnetrunr. a >>si predentru toump wlde b a
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nhe's aut absole nisarcsist.>> ha mark ncll priiple writestr iumpkes li aap te worm hasin d novatecithe ssti macally edweakenod by ofhe tli repubcan rt pay.ll bist kriayol se s is htheer vyit epome ofvu itlgary. i >>f theyut po dnald t,rumpf ith tey tryo putd donalmp trun i ceoffi t, if what'shat the lepeop w yant, gou areoing to an see o end the tep rnublicapa rty.te >> snophen: stw i ju t wanto nd remito you, be clear,s thi iss hi powntyar saying bad things t abouathe le idern the pollsdo nald trump.mi i ctght aually likeon daldbo hatter tn they. do he's benee on thho sw.he ot was g for rgsatind, an hele ft thent eirete thearm sngelli b likerut afvetersha.(l r)aughte lyrealic ne. sn wat't ice ni? ly real t mighhbe hig k iarate,'m notsu re. noand lyt on t doeshees istablnohment tt likeheon frr,trunnedo they ikn't le theco seunnd rne erither, texas tosenahar and telf meld gi joe ted cruz.d
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es congr ts andhen he,es lypecial in s theenate, thatth sey're dayingone alt trump ul woetd be borter f the party an th ted cruz. d>> boboleo tthld "yoe new rk ttimes"arhe pouty wld faceca mitaclysnc aesd wholosale lses i ifomt nedinatz. cru or >> nthol carina snaeutor brr n said iate privang meeti hewo ctuld auallyat rhere votor f iebern s oandersedver t cruz.>> ph steen: what? er (cheds anp a)plause outed, y just got tn hrowrundee thdbus an it' as- vow bidi esel.(l r)aughte d diju we ost runr vetedz? crule act me bndk up ahe cck. ,beep beep,up y, tshere' ted.ey th l don'tike him. au (lr)ghteso some rcaepubliouns wldet g abehind bnybodyut donaldru tmp
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y anybodedbut tru cz.d ansome l sikearouth colina to senar and teennesse williams nu ingesee lindamy graht cannoan std er ithemang sayinofhe t oi ch ice, ites lik beingt shoor on poisated, whit does y realltt (lghter)(a e)pplausbo om.i y say wh not ainjoti otoi pson od bothef thuyse gs are going to b te hardp,o stoia especllyna doldmp ee smsth like uis gy is ll buf etprooiswhich sadlyot n cthease forom se hheypottical y new.orkers av>> i ht e mosloyalpl peoe.d dievyou eeer sth eris, whe i d could stanin the meiddl of ft fienh av sue andhootom sebodyan d io w'tuldnse loo anyot vers, ay ok. ph>> steen:o taiexplnow h siimprestve thar is fo those of wi you dothout ivn't l ne inewrk yo, fifnuth avees ian elextremdey crowdee strt in
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shooteo pple. docan't it. n'you cat do it. 's it fedrown on. no one wants that. j >>u on: yodocan't tt.ha s >>: tephenllgenerayy thest ouop yro fngm doiha tt. tr now n'ump istsa e ying hcould t gewiaway thr. murde's heg sayinit is aboll autlo thyalty wat ishat tru tmpold john dnikerso ones y'sterdayna action fe. y >>aiou sdes y yterdayldou cou tshooeo somne on fifth aevenu uland woosdn't le voters. u are yothat cntonfide,hu h? l,>> welav i h ve aeryat gre ofgroup le peop, john. an i mee i haveo patple thre a solo d yal anit's beeno s rteepordan nd eve inr you poll, butn ia tlot ofhe p,ollsy thedo that. l theyoyaltiac ftor.d anmy fisactor p, un whe you t add ipall us it i prettyuc mh tcloseo th pe are teople jhattus't won av lee. ilthey wl note lave.>> en steph's: that. righttr teump vollrs wiot nea lve. au (lghter)th i atink thse reprehunts a ge leprobom fr one pn,erso donald p. trumcu enz whea i h mr thisan sayth non ing cae stop mfrom
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pe dle, ion't hrea a anea appl to vs,oter iea hr a corry f . helpst ju rerememb i, heres a guy whora n for pderesint pyrobablo tom prsote hity realiho sws or hi ssmattre, brand or hinis lfe o mpremiuwi ex-ves.d annow it l looksike heht mig lyactual. wind anno mwhatter at hes say ordo cres, iziticoming wen,at gtackin me,xicans bagnninmu sslims,gayin john mnccaiay slo r ser foabeing ne prisor ofwa er, non of itf asfect his y he ma snot beaying i canoo shont someste and bille te elecd pntreside. m heay beg sayin i canho sot on someste and billeec selted es prt.idenbe dcause onald trump can'tpo lyssibll rea ty wanto be idpres ent. t it'sdehe harst job inhe trl wo he khaws tt the pderesi incy,f an it c do thi tso bk aracobama ig in eht yares,ma iginet whana
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l we'l beghrickt ba with dondalru msfeld. us(applae) fi snally,hiomethang t t's o not too good tru o it'sayscar m er l natura bturkeyreast, it and s tastegreat. us (m ic) mawon: i'ller nevem rember thall oje prtsec, enpresontati s, morngeetigas i pve u nmyhtigfos r. ic(mus'ums drnss inteif y) ysbut dae likthis, i' nll fevert.orge ge t t oue,ther tin01he 2rd6 foap esce. be to unsabpp le. t ishis fi my ngght so t e akckbay mfelion s g (m usic)
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" tit'stoime ce danel frey" th" tanksw o neerpampuis cr"sers e "thanfirst lyd onpe diathr psat helib distrtnute weess lyeveno intexthree tra rbabsonn cha"els. "t so in'does t sagstand drays yer" so"e wigglit" " ggjit"le i " d anwhdo, eratevt tha is,ewin npe pam crsruisers" " , loveansleep . d plays"pamper r othewilereriss carkeers ma esfamili d shareata. no mot t-!bile it sw ach now fnd getneour lis wi p th u stoigix gchs ea. an sd nonghari. t justy-hirt bfive lucks a ine at-m te.obil af lac. h ohh ah ac!afla
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!-daa nhe's vot agoery od cimagian. aihe p cd my ilaim nstjuay one d. y?one da! h!sh ho esw dodo he it? t in jusdaone y, rowe p, cesse approvy.and pa
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s >>:tephen welcomea bck,er evybody. f
11:56 pm sectary onsf defee and w noppan ae devr,lope lieadnds a legent dmen,donal relumsfd.(a uspplae)>> t' thas q auiten enaudiouce y hhaveere. te>> senphn': ishat tcet a ni en audichce whi my gdnooesess, y. s >>hetepn: lete mtstarof f.>> m letye sa i'm glad i'm not inrunng for pre.sident au (lteghr) i'm glad i'm. t>> sn:ephe i'm gmlad i' not inrunnrg fode presi tntoo.we re you erve tedempt to run for id pres ent?yo did ru evean wt to be ali poantici. i >> was a conangressmor f le awhi . s >>: tephenswhat i the es biggfet dif brenceetweensh wa tingtondhen anng washiton now.>> theyid dn't allowel tonevisi he in t o housefre repatsentives t andathe senke bacos in theys da . >>ph steyoen: ysu guld couha eeve bnoi dthng anying inth was like theum illinati withse cretan hdss.hake nd>> ae somheof tm prlyobab
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>>: tephengewe'll tot in theco ranspiorcy thenies i the ndsecovi interew. om>> c oen. te >> s: phenfithe urst qonesti thave iyoo ask ou isne i neverth i ought awouldnysk a arsecrety of denefse m, telleab outou yrpp a. dwhyid you want to delevop anp? ap h >>.istory>> ph stesien: see l h--.istory>> h. yea>> en steph c: it'seall th ch churliill sotaire.>> se becaula he pdye tehe gam a ea gralt dend ae h taught to t to nda frie m ofine. ph>> stereen: hes, it ial cled ur chlchilit sol, airetrigh e.ther iwhaths cilurchlol s,itaire what m iakest dreiffent? t >>ifhe dncfere ie isst i two ll fu d,ecks 104 cdsar and thereis lo, a t likeeg rarul saiolitre ptexce up at t theopre the is ubthe doleix s. u and yo thavet o ge cthoseardsf ofinue seq ancendr oveon the id its cicompl.ated it's sattregic. n i caer undstandhy w chihurcllen pjoyednglayi it. s >>: tephenanthe mea bt tl hier.wh hen didee havim ttoe-- ve dealop it solaire game?it
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h bluseoff thcy lega, i goot tsa y. he>> is ay alws like this?(c anheers dus applae). te>> s:phen thiss i allctuaymu cech nir tnha is ulluay am. gh(lauter) . >> ph>> steayen: oko sdohow youkn haow tt heel devedophi ts?>> se becau he briefdende a yngoulg beianip dt lomathatas w lgivin in london, theov genernmint was ex ile. w anthhen aze noois tkv oerbe m.lgiu he and t taught ito thisan m and anthis mt taughit to me. s i was. u.mb asaastodor nato. s >>:tepheno sonthe eely thr le peope on thla p wneterepl iayingnet at o point? d >> inoon't khow w elsest winonur chtachill .ught wi kno he tt aughria fend ofne mi . lea coupfr of iefnds o w mineho werell stili ave.bu ot mostfem the wergo neth through es. age s >>: tephenchhow muis is thin goosg to ct me, don rsfumeld? nk>> thi t of ithisay evy ctenf ot profi goes to it charenies, g terallyppo suort
11:59 pm
am the fofilies the w.ounded la (appuse) oi h spe younigp u for theap p, and ie hopyou speotnd a l of y.mone>> ph steisen: itn't free?is n't ite a fre app. he>> t first. one >> ph ste fen: atirst it's . free t >> ahereewre a f free ones andth yen the tstar ag skinyou tosi p gn u mforore g.ames>> s: tephenknyou hiow ts ke maus yo sou lndaike ck crade doaler, nald rumd.sfel >> no. te(laugh r).te >> sthphen: haat's wut yo lisound ke.k sticd, aroun w itoant talkou abrtt impohant tingspe hapning he in t worldha tu t yotmigh have nian opion on.wi dll youot? tha i >>l wily tro tn aswer. >>t s oephen:kay.>> i butas'm blyicaly ver shy. ph>> steen: you a'reer vyhy spe ?rson ea>> yeah, y h. s >>enteph: m i'resu. e thp apleis calchd chur illta solie'ire, w rll be bightackth wi d moreonaldsf ickun arod.nist opi on abthout ewis n. car eeto kinp thnbgs ud,iase r we aemoved ll thedg baaning god los. whso, yoat do k u thinit is? i d woullesay xus. ma urybe aca.
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lelot's t ok ainthe orteri. remis ndthme of ine f side oenmy frixud's les. thso, sis carsupport plaprpe ca lay ri sien, ops. map ni ce. wow. sh me getse. onsomeale re tly ookeithmer tiin layisg th. out . yeah cthislsar as o haen ter drivechte.nology veit es n mutedithe ralo untie thbeseatarlts lee buckd. w.womy ba hus nd ulcoe d us.that vei'm urry c wiousithat is. pwhatanrice rldge wouu yoisput thn? car i y fiftixto sivty-fe. th ghe eihoty-tusd anll doraar bcket. , wellatwhi if ytoldou ithis20s the 16he cibvy malu? th a is is ?malibu ah yes , let'hego ct ck iout. ayno w's, it c avyhe! , ohwow. itand ls sel? for tait satrts tytwen f-twoive. spga! ?what oh. wow vei'm ry seimpresd. ah ye. i wmeanh itl al isth thnecology? 'sthate a gaman cheager, rlly. ti'lle ake the,hous. too he e re ah m, inwho d vitee thes?guys ayhey cl c, it's wool ifdee ormer soer delivy? ' ittis orme f g youtouys e makth ghe rillt ca. we ha're vingordigizano piz, fr baesh-inked my o
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' its linot deitvery, 'sordigino. ve ad fnturesm ro,$599 pl p us u30to $ s0 to apenda.t se co eeme srok the cayal bbriean. r offe fendsarebruthy 15. e trisade a all boutizseoping unport ity. isom 'togoing te ak thispoopitrtuntoy of go rif sc pt. soi if a wanno go teyjers an ecd cht k ousyshotcc tulierels 'foport lio, atwhs 'yoit to u? 'or ia m tiscotassh mon wh asose asets mre ade sof ltonee ikeame h.rt pa pa! yo nu'ren o soe!of min orer phat'ps imes ti s toheeize t day. dot n'eejust sor opptytuni, izse!e it us(applae) alwe crsl ous elve theeegrd nwoorunners.e th wopen patereraddls. e th lhikeaiife trubl cl. r fos us it'abnot ruout fanning ster.
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th ine feelg is o hard tbedescri. yo ntu ca p putntut irdo wos. bu dt we hon'ttoave . frfor ndieo s wh comegetoertho treh acbefor .tter rewe ba w risupeorta g stint lighbeer fwith cewer aarbsalnd cs.orie
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s:tephenel wcomeac bk,ev y.erybodwe ba're ck whiton ddal ldrumsfe. , okayre sectaryum rsfeld,on dald ldrumsfeyo, are u everse uptth tat nowhere is ahenotron dald out whthere o isn eveor me usfamoha tn ouyou abt notap inologizrg fo ag?nythinca be wuse heillac not bkow dn fr omin anythg he's erve u- yo h- doese strike yous a amm coinander ? chief d>> i kon'tnowim h.i' erve nevhi met m.>> ph steen:ll reay? ha >> wikt strees mbo aimut h is that hie's-- an c't inemagi howrn beiean srsde and ddonalmp truca n pull crowdsf o 2000,0eo pple a tot n evenrto hea them sk.peaes pr didents on'tdo. that p vicentresidets don' do that.>> en stephin: i thk'r theyepe aponaling m an eioot lnall.eve op pele ryare ver fedustratit wh swhat i o goingn in wngashiton wh and r ethe yor notagou reeth wi what eitnher ma is saying,th eey'ra s aying iitgree wh you. h weave toha cnge tathe stuso quin
12:04 am
hi>> i tounk y arebl probayri ght. a theychre toua ing enerv whsome ere.te >> sdophen: ees th secretary dofseefent affecol picy or emimpl penticoly?>> p thentresides i theol picy r.make handees tak rcoedammenstionfr om his catbine andro fmni seorof alfici ts inhihe wte end th he s makeau jendgemt. d heecidest whagh ouet to b . donean d the acamerinpl peoe llbasicaciy deecde bheause ty wdecides ho igoing to be es prt.idenan 'sd thatay the w the system works. s >>:tephen t whendehe oncisiwa ays plo ed tgont ioir aq in03 20si, the ontuatit tha weav he icnow wh ah isot chaicra iq and wsyriaithro cont olf iiss and or theos chall fog owinthera absp iringren aas asl, wel is thesi iotuat hn weave ns ow, wait onever cdsidere toe b an e?outcom th was is a-c worst aseenscarioor a be wyond-corstasec sarenio?>>
12:05 am
rentireegonnd a thefl conict n betweetheu ssnnie and the shia is sothmeingha tten gerallype adople h notic ant.ipatedon th the oaner hyod, if inu th k whatnh eiseower, said sheaid e thplans i nthoing, pglannin isev ngerythi . inthe pogt beinha ttny agthinch s ange fwithirst ctaonct with a pblroem. e thyenem a hasbr ain. ey the mak dcies.sion lepeop ask me well, why arehe ty in doatg why' there d an thewe ansr isy' the dreoingat whar they e d boingseecau they docan t. ica bethuse oey davn't he big mi arbies, g nieavs,ir big arc foches whi theyn' catpe comte u withs. he so ty areac attngki fromn a meassyaltricnd stat poinandth e ey'rngtryi to rodesty thena stiontatec cont ephein two the inrst theyg this do to atelimine a br,orde for exa,mple n betweeaqir and syria. te>> s: phenopthe t twopu res blicaneand th topwo t crdemoonats, nhee of tnkm thi g thatoing into iq rawas theri oight chce to me.ak ou do y a havenyfl re oectionn
12:06 am
do youstillhi tnk itwa s the t righg thinoto d2 1 years r?late>> in i thk when the psiredent tmadeishe decion, therewe tre--rahe iqi grnove hmentad poop ssedmeogthinli 5ke 1 or 16 s. u. eyre wero repe.ssiv h they uadsed chemical wnseapo t onheirei nrsghbohe, t iairanns. utheychsed alemicea ws ponon owtheir n patopul tion,he erd ths e wa oa lot efdevince that tthhey-- ey aealrdy usedch alemicea wpons. and it s teems moe there pntside ve gien th factsha he dm fro the llinteceigenmu com mnityheade t t righio recttrospe, they dtidn' findla rge cass-hech- ca oesf em ch oicalior biclogal ghthou the u.nsp. inr ectodid y say the had theil facsitie lstilre the,he teo p wpleere il stler thye, the dha the pa catybili t andhec prersurso to wethese weapons tire sll trehe.d anouthey clde hav ns recod tituteinthem aat mterof s. week ph>> steeren: thnee is oes quhation tett gssk aed oyof uan
12:07 am
tvor ofheva infsion o3 200 in aq ir that i jtusio questn ido thn't iinks .fairwh ichs. i t >>yhen wh askun an fair ti ques on.te >> snophen: o,, n no i wlilte ll you i why ithinkt's ir unfall, i wi d ask antifferees i isink th qnuestio is ur,nfai h whicyois if neu kw- now- if u yoheknew tn what you knewno w,wo uuld yoak med mesaec d.isionyo onu hely than wut yo know . then t'>> thaghs ri t. ph>> steu en: yoowonly n now at whno you k.w now o andowur n is troomorw'she tn. tsollhey' be ngsayi s theamein ththgs to ce densisiots gema ode tday, 15ea yfrrs omow n. t' >> i.s true s >>n:tepheha but ttea lds me ou to yrfa most mous sngayihi wch islk taboing autun ntcertaiy ine th. worldat th a therere no knowns, things wwe kno we know,an md telle if t i gethisro wng. kncuz i how tis isr youy. babth e erarknownkn thkngs we haow tte w don'tow kn . erand thale are nkso usnown ow unknns. b
12:08 am
ate th gots u thsomeing atth-- is's therert a fou ohnptioat the no on eve tralks. aboutwh tich ishen unknow .knowns iswhich hi the thang tt we know,an end the wos choe not to knowem tht or no leret othe peoplkn ow weno kw. that arthere e some tshing-- la(appuse). >>te sphen:ce rently a 2002 f memoherom t jntoief chis of fstaf says that 90% of the. i >>ng'm goive to sa you asembarrt.smen te>> s: phenti can' be asembarr'msed, i aom cn.edia t this chingameut o, it souays rkn dgowle te ofirhe naqiclew earwe prapons isogram basedg larelype rhaps 90% on asnalysi of pr imeecisll inte.igence erso the isna alysis ofin entelligcet thael you bieve at thre the w arenseapof os mas ctdestrunion ira iq, i and e believ sthatince atrtificely. n'i dokt thinod anyby mupade lithe betef thare thee wer
12:09 am
sat ii cyncismey biond ou wldev aner w tt tofhink oy mgo ntvernme .li i beateve thbo every dy edbeliev t thaterhey wthe ere. hebut tre was noar hd proofth atth eey wer there.>> hu uh- h. te>> s: phent and yeit waspr d esente ato thenmerica peopleas er if th.e was sore thes waanno unk kwnwnno th for eer amican ppleoe. w itwnas knoha tt treheot was nrd hade evi bnce, ut wewere en pres pted alartiai pe.cturan 'sd that the un nknowknownth at wewere deedni. ou do y t thinktha thwas te righin thg to do?>> f well,first o all,at th memo ntwas se byhe tnt joi cefhis of f.staf>> en steph: yes. a >>pnd we utt ion my witebse. s >>:tephenuh uh-h. nd >> a made itic publr yea asgo.>> ph steien: w kno it's cl defiassied. w >>eaell, yh,bu it-- donut't p as clsified t ohingsny m r)aughtei ywant ou toknow that. te >> s: phenall right. ca you inn get le troub for that.>> yeah. >> sphtemen: i'tr not yingo tyo nfu an uair qstue iion,'myi tro ng taskou yt whaki thinis r a faithing.we
12:10 am
adtinistra yon, orwou knet tha d we lidn'tearnbo atut ouof the st besi posble iointent nshwhic reis the werethings tthaou wldun inderme e thorcase f a war you t thoughecwas nessarys to ave un the taited stes. t >>sihe preaddent h a available h toimel inteligencro fmal l em el oentsef tho grnvement. d an nthenaatiolcu serity cicouneml msber hadha tt fo iniormat n. w itllas are shad. asit w all sieuppld. d anit'sev ner cinerta,t if i iwere-- wf itere a fact, it dn woul c't bealledte incelligen. >>st ephen: wow. in i th ak youd nsweremyes qution. gh (lauter) i anme-- iste incelligen isto ough to. dan atd wh d youo is ykou loo at l alofha tt andy if eou'v got ace n rtai osetf facts ythatou
12:11 am
en th trehe is ifoniormatatn th otis n e capablinof begve edrifi 0 10 pt,ercennd a it'su ot ofat th agaggreftion o imanfortionat thid presents makeci desionsal l the time. te >> siphen: ue gthss e teultimaio questn iiss, ha ttca beeruse theur touned ot t be pono wea onsf mass dtresuctionan usd becaame the pericaneeopl eenow fl ama tjoritytha it wasth one wrgr, wa duo yohi tnk it rmunde oinesstur true of thve gomernthnt, at isce nessary forr you illnteigencera appatusth aat youre de tribingo do their be yuse ifou says trut us, gowe've t t ahis, gnd youett i so wrong, isn'tot anher o levelf tdamageehat w' won ttrust them t nextime. t >> ihehink tsre' alwaays riskth plat peoooe lngkit ave go wrnmentomill ce teo th nc coonlusit thay the may not beri s at iewhy wav he a demoy.craci meanha tt's why pe vopleotean tdhey makeju d- we- i tnkhi m posteople in unthe taited sntes undderstath
12:12 am
n mea l hookonow lg it t takeso get sown rveemod.bu tt onerhe oth, handnki thiat whll's rearty impoarant e the ntinte aionshend t pacatybili of thepe aoplend forhe t mostrt path, i t ink iwas crchuhillo wh said attho demcracys i the rs woore f mofo gmevernxcnt eept anfor thy oerha tt'sve eree bn d. trie .and-- >> en stephno: you at he whel ese hd? saiy trmyo sirlitaee. gamch ilurchl sitol.airedo rnaldfeumsld, yoank iru, s.>> nk tha. you >> ste:phent is i anor hon to ittalk wh you. ha >> tnkou y fact.l advi rpainrselieveus are edmo by oure hssehold nythan a l other beadingrand. ttore tathechir a aesnsnd paire moe peoplforeach l.r advi re oelief detsn't gan ery bettth than is.
12:13 am
ra sthtigk' talmis unlianted pls saveeyme mon. ac in favt, i snoed etough help twithiphis trwa to haii.bu pt to trovealhat i oso getofne ca amerige's larst an mod epst dblendaore netwks, ali'll crol my bther. i he'skan alas. to hey 'sm. howgo it ing? y todaupi got d aroun 11:30,thand wen isnent ngorkeli
12:14 am
be nest pho bs.estwt ne.orks hehalf tt. cos ke mata your tux re rn gohe furtsar and n ve othe g samsun ggalaxyrirand pme. teunlimi, d talkndtext a datais t jusmo$45 a nth.
12:15 am
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12:16 am
st wephen:elcomeac bk,ev y.erybod ex my nt gust is paoint grduar fohe tho oklamay cit r,thunde a imfive-teba n allr,-staym olpic ld goed mliast,a fshiones derign d an ahi weasemeelco russell brwestook.(a uspplae) s or a ioi puant grdr fohooklama citynd thu er,stjute selecdto al nba tl-starream foif the fth , time game fyebruar 14th, tucongras.lation>>
12:17 am
you.te >> s:phen5 201 stall-aram gemv rap, avege 24 ps ointper game, tlead nheba in slstea s,econdin ss a.ists e arstyou ju atebsoluly petal to e thta melhe all t time,es alpecihely w cn itomes teo th nkdus.ji m?a io vicusm sla. whoa!>> en stephw.: wo(c anheers aud applse)t noodeverybky duns thatar hd. s youee kevinnt dur a he'swo d rrieyoare oiu g tngohu rtyo lfurse . >> ior wryel mysfti somemes, i ido, do. s >>: tephen ywhenouun dkt tha mnetakes awhipra cck sndou.>> h, yea k you inow,e lik to hdunk bardseecauon i d'tik le
12:18 am
so furige itth is e onlyay w unif a dy,k ver veryar hd so ithat ws ihat t tryo do. s >>enteph:ig rht. kyounoow, d you getra extin po dts forunkingde harr, ca be- use- osomehof tse wase lik u yoldshou getou fr ps.oint>> ea i rlly wishy theed change thherule wre thede harr you nk du m theore point ysou g.etwo i uldet got a l of ptsoin.>> ph stedoen: r youremembe ur yost firdu nk. i >> do. urmy f dsunk was aig hhoo schlga game a minsty h rivaligh olschot, go a fastr bk.eai ad hn'tke dunfod bebure t i wknewi hen agot an chasce i w g gointo jp umigas hh ais co uld.i a got tbouthis mucerh ov themk rike dunhed t hairdest ou c,ld ir my fkst duni so waspp hayab thout at. s >>entephal: actuakly ming fyour dirstgiunk ve t youhe r poweunto dkig hthher exe nt btimeseecauw noyou yknowou n? ca i >>ivt g yes aou sense ofco cenfiden . wthat fas mytiirst me dngunki he in te gamo s fenrom thi on bhaveeendu gnkin everi snce. te >> snophen: an one c doubt s yourfense ofi condence.i yo mean iu showt in your e.styl melet k talt aboufsome o the gs thin you wt ear ouand about.u
12:19 am
rthishtige. her ea>> y h. s >>entephat: thyo is gu, iot ayto s l youook godo inhi ts. wthisould geet mch puned inhe t i faceef i wtar thaut o. re heno is atherne yois is t u juson a lychil gh niust, jpit keeng toastyar wm. ea >> ywah, it ols cde. her i wasc a htually ere innewor yk, iofash wneek. asi wn runing ad roun iand a got lelittd. col i havein my ltle rol mr iny nd ha c, youanl. tel>> ph steu en: yo wtravelith ali nt rr?olle y >>ouno kw, i wasd afraihe t -- dwoul get ony mot clhesnd a the ewhol gdoet-wn. s >>entephu: youl coayd p onsomee to hado tt foro yu. ea>> youh, i wheld rat ir dot semylf . s >>entephis: th i onee lik thto, ase glss i rightre the, ey th't don ay ctuallhave lenses. n >>os. lense se i tte be werthiouthe tm. te >> sphen: w.ow it'sny fun, i aalctuely hav wlensesith no frames. ar you rae pimsh wito n ls.ense s >>ee. s >>: tephenouyou bre ght m ale littec sel.tion >> io. d i h.ave-- >> ph steu en: yoouhave yr own o linelaf g.sses o >> i dyhave m onewn li of seglas ds, i o. ph>> steaten: whhe are tyca eslled wtbrooks. frame ph>> steaten: thdo will
12:20 am
i cause willwi go th y.ours l >>et me. see t leme look.m i' gonna g to withenhe grene os r fo you. te >> s:phenll reay? t >>rehe gens. one atheyalre chel t the ve.enic>> ph steen:ic vene? he>> tic vene. melet ee s. er(cheds anpp ae)laus>> ki loooong gd,ki loong gd.oo ep st then,irhe fngst thiso dymebod saiouis yk loo hot. thats- iat- th's a good tg.hin >>te senpht: lee mry t thison e i thi ka>> oy. te >> siphen: n' dotnk thi i e havehnougku sll to plul thise on off. it looks like i'mng goio trt stald we ing.ho >> trese a evenig s >>epthen: u yo twantyo tron e?>> y, okal i wilitgo wh t.hese au (l.ghter)>> en stephin: i thook i lk ali bttleit m likeid '80s slyalje ssie rafael. ethos are niceau bechose trese a alactuly camo pattern yocuz u n carwease thoo and n wonelilow
12:21 am
ot >> nl. at al>> ph stewhen: oere det you g e? thes >> you get:getse the oinnlest wekfbroos.rame com.te >> sanphen: ald you eso havyo wnur oe lin at besarni. d >> io. s >>:tephen arese thhee td kinof th clohaes tult woood lk good a on guy who is not 6 foot a 3nd an nba pr,laye iou ceald wr . them ol>> abs 1utely,er00 p.centye ah, y seah,ure. gh(lau.ter) t>> s tephen:ouhank y for thatvo fte o cfion.dence h >> ijaave a ncket o te >> si phen: wecould ar that,i wecould tart.ha ?>> see>> en stephh,: yea l gooduckth wi thevp m.i' rem sure a yeiou bo ng t igettin go. od gok luc twithllhe ar-sta game. t >>ouhank ypr, i ap ieciate t. s >>entephec: chk out elruss dl'ses aignst eybarnnds awe kstbroome el russ wltbesrook,v ey.erybod an thu k yoso much cuexe,se m w butdohat hies ts thave wo dochith tremisy?
12:22 am
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12:23 am
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12:24 am
yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate
12:25 am
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12:26 am
oa sn ts >> sphtereen: hepe to mrfor lo the ang wayroundro fm his m albudi stanthng in e chbrea, esladi g andenentlem, janckso ow brne. >> i 't donw kno twhatyo saab
12:27 am
i ee'm speing copleinhanggin tr the s wangestays in even ic the rher ig nehohborods e peoplkndon't n ow whetheyt godit goo t gohey e t thenvy thand otey gba it d w i hen a was evkid hierytng i d di as win try bg toeee fr nn ruuping d andtiown tnselown w thith ree fiid insee of m lamy pllnets are in ratrogde b theofest m allany plts go de ma i e madremy banaks med sost miakes t juse not theoones pe plkthin i made i l'm ay ong wagonedo s wn thioawild rond i'm
12:28 am
und s it'nga lo a waydroun s it'tta liarle hind keepg k trac f o gwhat'swrone ongth nae coveavnt unrels a hend ts new rjust aollslong ca i eln feme my lmoryngetti go s twome to or dhreeteisas rso ag i hat's o rd twhsay idat de mor ill, iz citunens oitede r thgulf spoil ill a i'mwa long y gonedo hiwn tlds wid roaoni'm i got's tanna e ke me wheri'mbo
12:29 am
t' ings a lo a wayround s it'r neve tbeenhahat rd uyto bun a g n heow t sy'lla ell k gloc19 usto jout abyot anne s thef eeds oedtrage y aretheran atd whe wfeel e w thaveighe ro ht tbearan tcd war h oudrchilomen ce to m harth inere s they afeturof os arm w l e algrdisaboee aut e thiopassurns bean, hoert gs out a i'mg longoway ne wn dos thi rwildi'oad m on t' inns gokea tawh me i'ere m
12:30 am
i a t's wlongroay aund (c anheers aud applse) s >>:tephen jackson browne,ev y.erybodst ann ding ithe breach. a wee ll havs.goal w,and no's therert a smaayer wav to sthe for em. twith. he u.stabank smart svirt sangogs pr,ram wh sen you$5ave n 00 ion,e year
12:31 am
, plus gyou'll pet a 1ntercenu boo s up t$50 on et all n gas g andryrocerc pushase ouwith y br u.s.deank rdbit ca.
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th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
12:33 am
s >>n:tepheha tt's if for the lateow sh,ry eve.body an thoks sh. muc nti waha to tnk jonacks browner fongmakire it he throughhe t snow tonight. ourus mlicast gue ollriginaysc d heduleonanders c packould kenot maro it theugh thzz bliardt buwi they ll be hereex ntwe y.dnesda tandwomorro my gs uestwill be en laurce fhbis,urnepa toleonstlogie mik nekovac. icstouk arornd fam jes corn,de od goht nig, evy.erybod>> gi reg e: y areeaou rody tha omve sne fu et gn dowghtonit t don'woyou rry
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